“It’s amazing how the world begins to change through the eyes of a cup of coffee.”

- Donna A. Favors

These days, with so many different ways to make coffee at home, you can feel overwhelmed even before you begin. We’re here to make it simpler for you.

First of all, you must to decide what kind of coffee you like. and after that choose the brew coffee you want, then in the final you must to learn about the coffee brew method you have, is it need fine grinded or coarse grinded. If you want to studying about what is coffee grinded differences, please ready this blog.  Now let`s learn about coffee brew methods that are famous among coffee lovers.

Espresso Machine

Among coffee lovers, this kind of coffee brew method is the most popular and you can find this machine everywhere. Usually this kind of coffee machine equipped with milk steamer, moisture, latte, machiato, etc. The coffee machine like this picture is the one use portafilter. Portafilter is an equipment where you will put your coffee ground inside and press them use a tamper. But there is also an automatic espresso machine that you do not need a portafilter to brew your coffee. Espresso machine is passing hot water through the ground coffee at a pressure of around 9 bar. The coffee is particularly finely ground. The result is a spicy coffee with a closed cream layer. It’s very easy to use and makes a smooth cup of espresso with a perfect crema. 

Moka Pot

Moka Pot Also Known As ‘Stovetop Espresso. Moka Pot is one of a common coffee brew method, a lot of people choose this coffee brew method because this is very simple and easy to bring whenever you go to travelling. The Moka pot consists of three chambers and brews espresso using the basic principles of physics. Its bottom chamber is reserved for water, the middle chamber, or filter basket, holds the coffee grounds, and the top chamber is where the brew is collected. It took only around 5 minutes until you get your coffee result, to use this brew method the coffee is particularly finely ground same as espresso method.

Drip Over

In many American homes today, one of the most common appliances that you’re bound to see is an electric drip coffee maker. The coffee is particularly medium ground. Medium ground it means, the coffee grinded size not too coarse and not too fine. Drip coffee is brewed through the machine itself pulling cold filtered water out of a reservoir and using a combination of heat and pressure to warm the water and siphon it up through the machine. After this, the hot water is filtered down through the grounds. So this is the reason who home brewers very like to choose this coffee brew machine because it so easy to use and the result the coffee so delicate.

Pour Over

In this kind of brew method , you can brew a pour over by placing a filter and coffee grounds in a funnel and then placing the funnel over a carafe or designated coffee mug. This kind of pour over methods usually there are two types, the first one you use the coffee tissue as filter, you can buy it separatly, while another one is use a filter funnel. The coffee is particularly medium-coarse ground (less chunky). Due to the differences in brewing methods, pour overs tend to have more flavor than regular drip coffee. Since the brewing process typically takes longer, the flavor tends to be more vibrant. This is because the water has more time to pull the flavors and oils from the grounds.

French Press

Brewing coffee with a French Press requires a coarse grind. A coarse ground will look somewhat chunky. Because the coffee is steeped in boiling water, the contact time between the water and coffee is much longer, which requires a coarser grind. Grinding the coffee too coarse will make the coffee weak. Grinding too fine will make the coffee murky and taste bitter. How to use a french press is also simple, at first you need to preheat the French press by filling it with hot water from a kettle, then whatever delicious coffee you’ve chosen to brew (Coffee Paradise) product, now is the time to add that coarsely ground coffee to the carafe, and pour your water around in a spiraling motion, or really any pattern that ensures your water is evenly submerging all of the grounds and gentle stir it, after wait use your coffee timer then you can press that coffee plunger all the way down, until the coffee grounds are packed on the bottom. 

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